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Dedicated to providing the highest-quality waterside decals and 3D printed parts for 1/18 scale conversions. Our mission is to deliver top-notch products that enhance your diecast collection.

Due to technically difficulties, we've had to switch web hosts. We appreciate your patience as we work through restoring the images and product info!

Awesome pieces. Fits great. Always great stuff

Ray R.

The design and printing are excellent. Quick delivery to UK. I have bought a few decal sets in the last couple years and it is always a pleasure to deal with. Outstanding products with outstanding service.

David W.

Great detail and fantastic fit. Replacing this part from the original adds a better realism to the diecast.

Don W.

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About us

Grand Precision was started because many diecasts in our personal collections were still missing aftermarket race-specific decals.

Rather than settling for inaccurate or low quality decals, we set out to provide conversion decals that would be praised by the most discerning collectors. Before production, every silk-screened decal sheet is painstakingly applied to the base car to verify sizing and to ensure accuracy as close as possible.

Since our inception, our dedication to accuracy has expanded beyond silk-screened fill-in decals to include 3D-printed resin parts and full-car decals for custom builds.

October 2023 Update: We've partnered with Print It Decals to offer the best printing options of our full Indycar decal sheets. Payment and fulfilment for these sets is handled from Print It Decals and would require separate payment from any items ordered from Grandprecision.net.


Disclaimer: The diecasts shown on this website are offered by various manufacturers. The decals are sold as artwork to allow the diecasts to reflect the original cars accurately. No ownership is claimed of any cars, designs, texts or markings.