Quick step guide to disassembling Greenlight 1/18 diecasts‚Äč
Note: This guide assumes the 2020-22 Aeroscreen car, however, disregard step #9 for Greenlight cars that do not feature the Aeroscreen. This guide should be pretty accurate for all DW12 versions: Original 2012-14, 2015-17 Chevy, 2016-17 Honda, 2018-19 UAK18 w/o Aeroscreen and 2020-21 UAK18 w/ Aeroscreen.

Tools required:

  • Small Phillips Screwdriver
  • Small Flathead Screwdriver
  • Xacto Knife
  • Mini-Hammer
  • Dremel Tool with drill bit or cutting wheel



#1 - Removing the front wheels
The wheel nuts are glued to the rim and screw hiding underneath. Use mini-hammer and small flathead screw driver inserted into the seam and work around the edge.

After revealing the screw, use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the front wheel from the hub.

Note: If the original wheel nut is damaged, it can be replaced with our wheel nuts as a option or the entire rim can be replaced with one of our more accurate versions.






#2 - Removing the front brakes
Note: This step is only needed if replacing the original brake part with our improved version.

Using the flathead screwdriver, insert around the edge between the brake rotor and front hub to separate the brake piece with the front hub.






#3 - Removing the front hubs
Using an Xacto knife, cut the melted plastic on the underside of the bottom wishbone to separate the angled pushrod from the wishbone.

The proceed to cut off the melted plastic of the pegs located at the top and bottom of the front wheel hubs to remove them from the front suspension.

Note that occaisionally the suspension pegs are glued to the hubs, but not always. Sometimes wiggling the hub can help identify where the melted plastic ends.





#4 - Removing the mirrors
Gently wiggle the side mirrors to separate from the sidepods. (Not shown)




#5 - Removing the rear wing
Using the small Phillips screwdriver, remove the screw located underneath the rear attenuator to remove the rear wing and plastic rear wing support.






#6 - Removing the undertray
Using the small Phillips screwdriver, remove the remaining (9) screws from underneath the car. Be careful removing the screw located near the front suspension as it has a tendency to strip.

At this point, (3) pieces should come apart: the tub, the undertray and the lower front wishbone. (If this is a pre-Aerokit car, the rear cowl should come off as well at this point.)






#7 - Gearbox Disassembly
The rear wheels are connected by a metal rod and can be removed by pulling apart while wiggling back & forth.

The gearbox can be removed from the undertray by gently applying pressure with your thumb to the (4) gearbox supports from the undertray and unscrewing the top (2) screws from above.

At this point, the suspension and hubs can be separated from the gearbox the same as the front suspension earlier.






#8 - Sidepod Disassembly
Unscrew three screws hold the sidepods together to the tub.

Use an Xacto knife to cut the (2) pegs holding the seat to the sidepods and use a rotary tool to cut off the metal post that extends above the exhaust pieces. Push out the exhaust pieces and save, or replace with one of our year-specific exhaust pieces.






#9 - Windshield Removal
The windshield is held in with (2) pegs inserted into the tub at the back of the windscreen, and potentially glued in along the bottom edge. Using an Xacto knife, scribe the along the bottom edge on the inside and outside of the windshield from about the start of the headrest to the back end.

After scribing a couple times along the middle, focus on the very back area where the tab is located. Rather than removing the windscreen with the tab, it is better to cut the tab off for easier reassembly.

After removal of the windscreen, the rear cowl/halo and front cowls should come off with ease, also releasing the front top wishbones and push rods.






#10 - Steering Wheel Removal
The steering wheel can be removed by making (2) vertical cuts in the dashboard, allowing the steering column to be pulled down through the dashboard, also allowing it to be reinstalled in the same manner.

Upon loosening of the glue where the front cowl was installed, the front steering arm should fall off of the steering column.






#11 - Final bits
The headrest can be removed by cutting off the (3) pegs with an Xacto knife as shown in the green circles.

The dashboard and fuel filler can both be removed by drilling the pegs with a Dremel tool as shown in the red circles.

The camera pod can be removed by gently rocking back and forth to loosen from the roll hoop.

If the tires are to be removed from the rims, place water in a Pyrex cup and microwave until near-boiling. Wearing appropriate attire to prevent burns from the water, place wheel in water for appx 30 seconds. Tires should now be pliable and can be stretched off of the original rims. Repeat the process for installing tires on other rims.